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Monday, October 2, 2017

Inositol Nicotinate: A Newer Form of Flush-Free Niacin

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I recently read an excellent, extensive article on Inositol Nicotinate at
and purchased some Bulksupplements Pure Flush-Free Niacin Powder (Inositol Nicotinate) which I have been taking this past week, 1/8 teaspoon/day, with the intention of working up slowly to a larger amount.

There is a strong history of cardiovascular disease on my father's side of the family, and my Mom, now 89, has vascular dementia. My cholesterol is a little high, and I had tried high doses of niacin before but it was too irritating to my intestines. So I was happy to try out this newer form of flush free niacin. (Note: niacinamide does not have the flush effect, but it doesn't help with cardiovascular issues either.)

According to the article linked above, it can do some other wonderful things including increase energy production of mitochondria, enhance mental function, and help with insomnia, inflammation, and depression, and people with gluten intolerance are more likely to be deficient. Since I have all of these - low energy, brain fog, depression, insomnia, inflammation, gluten-free diet - it sounds like something my body just might need more of!

I will try to work up to 3 grams per day, very slowly. I may not need that much, since I only weigh 110#. Most likely, though, I'll probably go no higher than 1 gram per day and see what my next set of labs show for cholesterol level. And, of course, I'll discuss it with my primary care person, which is always recommended!